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Let our customers speak for us!

A game changer!

“The Krato golf weight is a definite game and handicap changer. Place it anywhere on the shaft that provides you the feel you want. It will help accuracy, swing path, increase swing speed and touch. The key to this exciting new product is it goes on your club and you can hit balls with it on the shaft. I’m super excited about the Krato Golf Weights.”

— Billy King - Head Coach at Purdue in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Substantial improvement!

“Increasing speed in the modern era of golf is something all players are searching for! The Krato Golf Weight helped me do just that. After using the Krato Golf Weight my club head speed and ball speed both saw substantial improvement. The ability to attach the weight to my own clubs and hit natural golf shots is paramount in the effectiveness of the Krato Golf Weight.”

— Jacob M - 1 Handicap