Let our customers speak for us!


Krato Sports bat weights are the hitting version of weighted ball throwing. Weights can vary, depending on the hitters age or the purpose of the drill and are easy to take off and attach. Our main focus for our hitters is to develop a consistent swing plane and attack angle to hit line drives hard back up the middle or to opposite field. Improvements in these areas will also lead to an increase in bat speed and exit velocity. Pete Rose said the key to hitting is “A quiet lower half and violent hands”. Krato bat weights will help create violent hands and violent contact!"

— Mike Weaver —

Head Baseball Coach at Olentangy Berlin


What a fantastic tool to increase bat speed. It was very simple to take on and off. The best part is that I could use it with my normal bat and hit with it during batting practice or live pitching. I was surprised how easy it was to move the weight from bat to bat. The different weights allow for growth and wide range of training. They are going to be a huge asset to the teams I coach. I wish these were available back when I played. I can’t wait to get my sons’ a set and start swinging!!"

— Christian Snavely —

Toronto Blue Jays 6th Round Draft Pick


This bat weight is one of the best hitting tools that I have used. The improvement it creates in getting the hitter's hands through the ball, and in turn improving their exit velo, is tremendous. The bat weight is extremely easy to use as well."

— Brock Bergman —