Improve Your Swing!

Swing trainers designed to increase hand speed, club speed, bat speed, and exit velocity! Choose your sport.

The Advantages

These are just a few of the ways you benefit when using our Weighted Swing Trainers on your bat or club!



Hit Live Golf Balls

Increase Distance

Increase Club head Speed

Create a Proper Swing Plane

Improve Accuracy

Increase Ball Speed



Train With More Weight

Train With Weight Above Hands

Increase Exit Velocity

Improve Swing Mechanics

Develop More Power

Hit Live

Krato Baseball Bat Weight

How it works

The Krato Swing Trainer fits securely on your bat or club with an easy on/off design. Attach using the provided thumbscrews, using just one hand. Simple to fasten, tighten, and loosen. No tools are required. Univeral fit for all softball bats and baseball bats. Fits the shaft of all golf clubs.

Krato Golf Swing Training aid for golf

Change the way you train

Baseball and Softball

After coaching baseball for 25 years, the need for a weighted swing training aid grew. Although there were options available, their flawed design was apparent. Our bat weight is the first and only detachable swing training aid to go directly above the players' hands. This location allows baseball & softball players to increase their overall power while maintaining the proper swing path - all while hitting live!  Our bat weight choices allow players from all skill levels to improve their swing!


The same technology was applied to create a swing training aid for golf.  We designed a golf swing training aid to secure right under the grip on the shaft - on any club!  Just attach this golf swing trainer to a club of your choice, even your driver!  Hit live golf balls on the range!

Watch our swing trainers in action

Baseball Swing training Aid for Baseball