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Weight above hands

Proper swing path

Increase hand speed

Increase bat head speed

Increase exit velocity

Strengthen hands/forearms

Train with more weight

Hit live



The Krato bat weight is designed to put the weight on the hands which will create a better hand and bat path, while keeping your hands inside the ball. With the ability to use weights that have never been possible until now, the Krato bat weight will increase hand speed, bat speed and exit velocity.


What sets our product apart from the others and what makes ours better is where they are secure to the bat. Traditional weighted training aids are attached to the bat at the end—towards the bat's barrel. 

After 25 years of coaching baseball, we had a breakthrough in diagnosing the problems with traditional weighted training aids. The problem was the location of the aid! It causes more harm than good for players that do not possess the strength to properly manipulate the bat with weights in that particular location. Placing weight towards the outermost end of the bat takes the player off balance and pulls the bat/hands/shoulders & hips out of the proper path.

Our weights secure onto the bat just above the hands. Decreasing the amount of leverage placed on the hands allows the player to execute the movements correctly. The other with traditional training weights is that they only come in 2-3 varieties. Our weights for baseball bats range from 5-50 oz—making strength training available for all skill levels and ages. 


The Krato bat weight fits securely on your bat with an easy on/off design. Our weight attaches using thumbscrews, designed to use with one hand. It is simple to fasten, tighten, and loosen. No tools are required.

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