The Advantages

The Krato Bat Weight is unlike any other hitting training aid available! It is designed to be attached at the hands - giving optimal benefits. This unique bat weight placement will improve hand speed, bat head speed, exit velocity, and power all while creating proper mechanics.  

This weighted swing trainer allows you to get these benefits while working with your own bat and use any hitting drills, including live BP.

Use as a softball bat weight or a baseball bat weight. The Krato bat weights are designed to fit all bats including wood, composite, and aluminum.

Placement Matters

After 25 years of coaching baseball, we have searched for the perfect hitting training aid. We tried just about every bat weight on the market, but the results were not there. Traditional bat weights are placed at the end of the bat or on the barrel. It causes more harm than good for players that do not possess the strength to properly swing the bat with weights in that location. Placing weight towards the outermost end of the bat takes the player off balance and pulls the bat/hands/shoulders & hips out of the proper path.
Our weights attach to the bat just above the hands. Decreasing the leverage placed on the hands allows the player to execute the movements correctly. Krato bat weights let players swing train with a natural and balanced bat.
The other with traditional training weights is that they only come in 2-3 varieties. Our weights for baseball bats range from 5 oz -40 oz—making strength training available for all skill levels and ages.

The Design

The Krato bat weight is designed to put the weight on the hands which will create a better hand and bat path, while keeping your hands inside the ball. With the ability to use weights that have never been possible until now, the Krato bat weight will increase hand speed, bat speed and exit velocity.