Turn Your Bat Into An Elite Training Tool

The Krato Weight securely attaches to your bat at any position below the barrel. Allows for versatility and options to train with weight above the hands or above the knob.

This unique weight placement is designed for live hitting. Six distinct weight choices, make it the perfect training aid for all skill levels! Increase power, hand speed, bat speed, and exit velocity - all while improving swing mechanics.

Krato Bat Weights ensure players can simply and naturally add swing training to their practice routine. Easily Attach the weight to your bat and get started. Incorporate in live batting practice, off a machine, tee work, drill work, soft toss, & dry swings.

Stays securely in place, no worries about this weight moving or coming loose. We have a patented fastening method ensure our weight won't move. No more hoping your weight will stay in place.

Train with Krato Bat Weight Trainers to Increase Exit Velocity, Bat Speed, & Power.  Perfect swing mechanics.