How to increase Exit Velocity

How to Increase Exit Velocity

What is Exit Velocity?

Exit Velocity measures the speed of the baseball as it comes off the bat, immediately after a batter makes contact.  Attaining a high Exit Velocity is one of a hitter's primary goals.

Why is attaining a high Exit Velocity important to hitters?

Having a high exit velocity will result in harder and farther hit balls.

How can hitters Increase Exit Velocity using Krato Bat Weight?

Krato Sports developed a weighted swing trainer to be placed right above the hands (at any position below the barrel). Adding weight to this bat position allows hitters to train by hitting live, off a tee, and use in any drill work.The Krato Bat Weights target increasing hand speed and bat speed, which leads to a higher exit velocity.

What weight choices are offered by Krato Bat Weights?

Krato Weights were developed with individual hitters in mind.We understand choice is important when finding the perfect weght to train with.  Krato offers 10oz, 15oz, 20oz, 25oz, 30oz, and 40oz choices. Players, along with parents, should decide their weight based on size and strength of the player. Please reach out to us with any questions.

How long until hitters see results?

With Krato Bat Weights, results can be tracked after just one session.On average, hitters training with Krato after 5-7 sessions can start to see Exit Velocity gains of 5-10mph.