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KRATO Bat Weight vs Camwood

KRATO Bat Weight vs Camwood

We get asked often-"How is your Krato Bat Weight different from Camwood bats?

Let's start with how we are alike.  Both swing trainers place the weight above the hands for optimized results.  Many benefits with this weight placement including increased power, bat speed, and improved swing path. 

What makes Krato Bat Weight better?  

-  Train with your own bat - With Krato players train with their own bat.  Game bat or bat of choice.   

- Weight Choices - With Krato-players have a choice of how much weight to add.  Krato Weight choices include 10oz, 15oz, 20oz, 25oz, 30oz, 40oz.  While Camwood offers many sized bats-the added weight choices are limited. 

- Train with more weight-Krato offers up to 40oz. 

- Hit LIVE- Krato will not break-Krato Bat Weights are made of high quality steel.  

- Easy to Transport - Fits easily into your bat bag 

- Better Value - Krato Bat Weights are less expensive than camwood or other weighted bats on the market.